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Shamanic Tools

Hand crafted Shamanic Tools to aid you on your journey. We have many rattles, drums, smudge wands, and medicine bags in stock, as well as being able to assist you in creating your own personal Medicine Tool.

Sacred Scents

Sacred Scents has been blending for health and spiritual growth for over 15 years. Choose from 100% Pure Essential Oils, or healing blends. All of our oils are Organic, Wildcrafted and Pure.

Animal Guides

Have you ever felt the presence of a special animal at challenging times in your life? You can learn how to connect with your animal guides to gain insight into your life and gather strength when it is needed.

Latest Workshops

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Top Rated Products

Smokeless Smudge

1Our most popular product!  The essence of Sweetgrass in a bottle.

The Chakra Blends

2100% Pure Essential Oil Blends created to assist with cleansing the Chakras.


3Feel the energy of the Earth and Sky Chakras, connecting you into the place where life and consciousness converge.